Crisis: Danger, Chance, or Opportunity?


The Chinese word for crisis is wéijī (危机).

The first character wēi (危), means “danger” or “precarious”.

The second character (机) is highly polysemous, means the word has multiple meanings if it is standalone, such as “chance” or “crucial or critical point”. One of the most interesting word with this character is jīhuì (机会), means “opportunity”.

If we try to see crisis on different angle, it is not always seen negatively about dangerous. On the other point of view, it means something neutral, a chance. And if we look deeper, we may find that crisis means opportunity too. It may sounds motivational, but I would like to remind all of us: Anything can be seen on different angle and point of view. If we try to look harder, hopefully we can always find something positive.

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