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Interviewing a new candidate for a general role can be complicated. It can be too subjective, because the process is too simple and qualitative. It can be too complex, because the process is too detailed and objective. The question is, what is the simplest, yet powerful and consistent way to evaluate a candidate for a general role?

The key to manage a consistent process is about agreed checklist. It can be divided into two basic process. The analysis process and the decision making process. The analysis process is important to gather information from every candidate. The decision making process is important to decide which candidate to be chosen. This post will discuss more about Interview Evaluation Summary, a simple tool to decide which candidate to be chosen.

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Interview Evaluation Summary

As a human resource professional, it is important to have a consistent and structured process to make sure the interview process resulting an expected outcome. Interview evaluation summary form helps us to “standardize” the decision making process. It will reduce hiring bias caused by subjectivity from inconsistency and assumptions.

What to Include on Interview Evaluation Summary

  • First Call: It is important to let the applicant clear and aware about the opportunity details. The opportunity is two way business activity, means both applicant and the employer will become partners at the end. Manage the expectation.
    • First Call. A simple phone call usually give the first impression. For applicant, be ready. The first 90 seconds is about first impression.
    • Job Description. Make it simple too. No jargon, if you need it, explain it clearly.
    • Document Request. CV/Resume and simple summary about the applicant is more than enough at this stage. Managing too much data information may become unnecessary.
  • Interviewing Candidates: This part is simply about interviewer recommendation. The Interview Evaluation Form explains the details.
  • Confirmation Call: This part is a checklist to remind everything necessary “after” a decision made.
    • Confirmation Email. It is good for both employer and the applicant to get the latest decision. In fact, it is okay if the process is not continued. It is much better for the applicant than waiting unnecessary opportunity. It increase respect to both party.
    • Final Documentation Request. It is about required documentation for contract signing.
  • Overall HR Approval: Hire, Not Hire, or Further Interview. Last but not least, a “final” decision.

What to NOT Include on Interview Evaluation Summary

  • Private Information: Keep it away. Other than data security, private information, such as ethnic, religion, race, gender, may lead to discrimination and unnecessary bias. We are trying to get the information as objective as possible.
  • Too Detailed Information: This is summary. Keep it simple, you can check the details on Interview Evaluation Form.

Download a sample of Interview Evaluation Summary

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