My Biggest Projects


I have done some projects in the past. Some project are big, the others are “bigger”. I would like to say: Every project has its own influence for me; not only about money or business magnitude, but also knowledge and experience. Enjoy the stories!

September 2008. My colleague asked me to do some network maintenance for one the biggest ISP in Indonesia. I actually did not do a maintenance for their main/core network. But, the activity is quite important because it is related to one of their business unit. This opportunity led me to a conclusion that “I have to try it first”. There are too many things I have never seen before, including the activity I need to support this time. I learned that I need to say: “OK, I will take the risk opportunity.” Short story, I went to their data center, saw data center raised floor for my first time, tried one of the fastest commercial internet connection, and even got better paid ratio than my first full-time job after getting my bachelor degree.

March 2011. It is simply my first project abroad. It was my very first flight. It was my very first domestic flight abroad to a remote area in Malaysia. This short activity is about supporting project testing and commissioning on-site. It was quite a big customer from Fortune Global 500. It was my very first night shift. I have no detailed idea about the business magnitude, but it is one of the best moment on my professional career that make me learned a lot about engineering world in a good standard.

August 2011. I started my very first end to end project engineering in Thailand. I did not expect that I can give much contribution to this project at the first time. I was only a junior engineer, that still need much effort to learn. At the first time, I have to go to a small city in Thailand about 180 km from Bangkok for a product demo. I was nervous, because it was my first time leading a project activity alone. I even got problem with my flight ticket at the time. I think it was really a good coincidence to train my courage. Shortly, it was a successful traveling. Since then, my manager trust me to continue the project, from following-up the product demo, leading a team to produce the solution, testing and commissioning, and become “the last man standing” on-site to close the project the next 8 months. It was a successful project. I got another company recognition. I got some more chances with different projects and team in this country.

March 2013. I officially joined a team for the biggest oil and gas project in Indonesia at the time. It was one of the biggest and unique onshore green field project in Indonesia for the last decade. This project is owned by the biggest oil and gas company in the world and divided into five contracts of EPC with total value of approximately ~US$2.5 billion.  My role in this project was led the Main Instrument and Control Contractor (MICC) team for Systems Engineering, related to Computer Network Design, System Architecture, Cyber Security, and Advanced Alarm Management (AAM) system for Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS). It is one level higher than Distributed Control Systems (DCS). During the project, I also got a very rich experience by additionally handling Advanced Solutions products, such as Antivirus, Backup System, and Virtualization Platform. It is one of the richest technical knowledge I experienced in a single project.

November 2014. It was my very first offshore project with my second Fortune Global 500 Company. I was very impressed on how I need to support the project, managing all the technical engineering issue, preparing offshore documents, and doing the engineering offshore. Technically it was about Alarm Management System; an upgrade project. The offshore rig was in Natuna Island. It was my very first time traveling with a helicopter Sikorsky S76-A from Pelita Air. I do not think I would like to repeat the activity too much for my daily activities, but I really enjoyed the traveling and on-site experience at this project.

April 2016. This is one of the biggest connected road lighting project in Indonesia. The unique experience is that everybody in the city can feel the impact of the project. The business magnitude is huge enough for the industry in Indonesia. The project is about implementing more than 125,000 connected road lighting in a city. It is simply upgrading almost the whole road lighting in the capital city. It was one of the most significant move in Lighting Industry. This project become a reference that lighting is not only about illumination. I really love it when I heard a slogan: “light beyond illumination, design beyond imagination.” The most amazing thing is: millions of people getting the benefit from the initiative.

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