Smart Building and Geofencing System Integration


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Explaining a location is not always easy. Location can be relative to each other. I may sit next to my friend, my friend sit next to me, but where are our exact location? This is the reason why a reference point is powerful. Geofencing is one of the solution. Using geofencing concept, we can understand location and relative position of our assets easier.


  1. Simplified #Visualization for location and relative position of our assets. It may be designed as outdoor or #IndoorPositioningSystem as well.
  2. Improved #SituationalAwareness and monitoring with detailed visualization of symbols, icons, and colors.
  3. Integrated with other systems, such as security system. In the bigger picture, location service is one of important parts of #AssetManagement and #AssetTrackingSolutions.

Enjoy the Video! Feel free to contact me if you have questions about #IoT, #Technology, and #Automation. I am also open for a new role and would appreciate your support.

Freddy Sutanto

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