Smart Home and Smart Kitchen Concept


It is my 2nd post about designing my own Smart Home. Today’s post is about Connected Smart Kitchen. Yes, you can connect your lovely kitchen to your smart home system; for a better life. If you are interested to my earlier post about Smart TV, this post would be for you!

Here is the story line:

  • A Master Switch for the win. Imagine if you can power on all of your kitchen devices at once. Isn’t it simple and easy?
  • Listening to your own playlist and Favorite Music on Spotify. It’s cooking time; Play my Jazz, please!
  • What is the key recipe? Do you need to refresh and check your cookbook? It’s just another touch to your Favorite Apps or Community Website. Happy cooking!
  • Are you done? Just power off everything using the same master switch. Your lovely kitchen is not just Convenient; it is Safe.

Enjoy the Video! Feel free to contact me if you have questions about IoT, Technology, and Automation.

NB: Do you have any idea for the next video? Comment please!

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