Smart Home and Smart Kitchen Integration Concept


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It is my second post about designing my own #SmartHome. If you are interested to my earlier post about #SmartTV, this post would be for you! Today’s post is about Connected #SmartKitchen. Yes, you can connect your lovely kitchen to your smart home system; for a better life. The idea is to have a safe and fun environment for our Kitchen.


  1. A #MasterSwitch for the win. Imagine if you can power on all of your kitchen devices at once. Your lovely kitchen is not just #Convenient; it is #Safe.
  2. Listening to your own playlist and #FavoriteMusic. It’s cooking time; Play my Jazz, please! #SoundSystem boost the atmosphere to make it fun and relaxing.
  3. Do you need to refresh and check your cookbook? It’s just another touch to your #FavoriteApps or #CommunityWebsite. Happy cooking!

Enjoy the Video! Feel free to contact me if you have questions about #IoT, #Technology, and #Automation. I am also open for a new role and would appreciate your support.

Freddy Sutanto

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