Smart Home and Smart TV Concept


Here is my first example of designing my own Smart Home.
This video is about my customized Smart Home Dashboard, connected to a Smart TV to watch Netflix at my apartment.

Here is the story line:

  • Non-Proprietary: can be used at any general browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, at your Tablet/PC/Smartphone. If you want a door touch panel, you can have it for sure!
  • System Agnostic: can be connected to many different brands.
  • Simple and Flexible: can be customized for your unique house. So, do you want to connect it to your Home Theater or Smart Lighting to custom your best entertainment scene? You bet! I will explain about Smart Home Vertical Function on another post.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about IoT, Technology, and Automation.


Freddy Sutanto

NB: The same system can be used for your Smart Buildings, Smart Factory, or Smart Manufacturing, e.g. Safety and Security Management Systems proof of concept.

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