IoT and HMI System Concept (Digital Twin)


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As Static 3D HMI considered a good story today, I believe Digital Twin would be the next step in the next few years. It could be a compelling opening to Metaverse story in the future. This is a simple video about Digital Twin designed for my apartment. The concept is showing a floorplan with helicopter/aerial view. We can monitor and control some SmartHome devices, such as connected lighting.


  1. Digital Twin boosts #Interaction capability. It is not only a static visualization, but also creating a #Nuance. It feels real and flexible to the next level.
  2. Digital Twin improves not only #Efficiency and #Accuracy, but also #Safety, because it leverage the user awareness about on-site situation.
  3. Digital Twin combined #FutureProof and multi-disciplinary topics that potentially become enabler for the next technology: Metaverse, Virtual Visit, or 3D Printing Technology.

Enjoy the Video! Feel free to contact me if you have questions about #IoT, #Technology, and #Automation. I am also open for a new role and would appreciate your support.

Freddy Sutanto

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