Comfort Zone: Fear, Learn, and Grow


Fear, Learn, and Grow: This framework was previously popular to explain about comfort zone. The comfort zone concept explains that we must come out from our comfort zone to grow at the end. It is not straightforward to reach the growth zone. We must go through fear zone and learning zone.

COVID-19 force almost everyone out of the comfort zone on any social level. It does not matter if you are an employee, an entrepreneur, even if you are a country leader. It affects all levels personally; and probably, soon or later, all people.

Shortly, when everyone goes out the comfort zone, the next nearest zone is the fear zone. Everyone is afraid. Some people may have not figured is out yet. But fear is always somewhere inside us. You named it; it can be about losing our beloved one; it can be about losing our job; it can be as simple as losing our time for “unimportant things”.

The problem on this stage is about timing and response. If I connect this understanding with the normal distribution concept, I guess there are 7 out of 10 are stuck on this fear zone. When this feeling is out of control, these people may easily react negatively. Over-protective. Layoff. Rushing on everything. The result is even more negative situation.

Some people started to take a step back to think and reflect. They increase their awareness. They identify their emotions and control it. If some news is too negative for them, they try to reduce reading it. They stop overreacting and doing worse thing. This stage is great, because it let us stand on the ground again. It makes us neutral and informed.

The rest minority are taking better actions. Respond Positively. Based on the data and information, they start to think wisely and connect the dots. They start to see the story in bigger picture. They are improving on their knowledge, insight, and wisdom. They are trying to create positive impact. It is not straightforward, but it is worth it if we can do it as well.

This is what probably happen nowadays: 10 people in the room. 7 are too afraid and react negatively. 2 are still afraid, but they tried to learn and take a step back before doing or overreacting on something. The only 1 is still afraid, but he/she take a step back to learn and choose to respond positively.

Everyone is affected by something. But it is still our personal choice to respond positively on what to do next.

Stay calm. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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