The 2010s: My Decade in Review


The 2010s: My Decade in Review. This post is written to appreciate and give thanks to all of my family, friends, and colleagues, who really supported me in the past 10 years. Personally, this note will be my reminder, a review to keep learning and moving. Here we go:

2010: S.Si., graduated from S1 Mathematics ITB, my bachelor’s degree. An idealist. I thought things have to be perfect.

2011: My “first year” corporate job as Project/Operations Engineer at Honeywell. Oil and Gas Industry. Automation and Control. Process Solutions. Southeast Asia traveler (for work, hahaha). I thought dreams must be BIG!

2012: Joined to one of the biggest Green Field Project Team in Indonesia. I thought “out of comfort zone” is always stressful. No, it depends on your team.

2013: Work, work, work! Taking Technical Training and Certification, both corporate and personal trainings. Systems Engineering SME, Virtualization CoE, Project Engineering and Systems Integrator for Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS). I thought about nothing. Too busy may sounds technically productive, but it does not always meaningful. However, it was a great year!

2014: Moved to Invensys (acquired by Schneider Electric). Similar concept, similar technology, similar role, different color. It was a good company, but unfortunately it didn’t last long at this moment. Probably next time would be better. I thought timing is much more important.

2015: Challenge Accepted! Application Specialist for Philips Lighting (Signify). One of the best chances I got. Much more global team exposure, different concept, different technology, different role. More on businesses, less on technical engineering things. Learned about Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. I learned how to be loyal. I thought it may become my last company.

2016: Started my Dual Degree Global Leadership Executive MBA. Took the risk; on me. Turned out, I met the Best Classmates Ever. Joined to Connected Lighting Project and Service Team at the office. Support the team to deliver one of the biggest Smart Road Lighting IoT and Smartcity Project. Happy and Productive Year. I thought success is about momentum.

2017: eMBA, MBA, graduated from GLEMBA ITB-Aalto, my master’s degree. Started to join some community to learn more from the expert. Started some engineering certification. Learned from different people, different role, different experiences. Learned on how different people think differently and respect is even more important. I thought business is all about mindset.

2018: Moved “back” to Honeywell with a new role, Solutions Architect. Leveraging the cake from specific Lighting and IoT Technologies to general Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS). More about Electronics and Electrical Equipment Industry. Building Technologies. Join a fun community at Mensa. Got married. I thought the journey is just begun.

2019: Ir., Certified Professional Engineer. Registered ASEAN Engineer. Alvin Toffler said, the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. I thought the willingness to respect and care about multi-discipline knowledge will be important in the future.

Welcome 2020s. Gam zeh ya’avor!
Happy New Year Everyone!

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