Goal Setting: SMART(ER) Framework


It is interesting that resolution and goal setting is an annual topic for (almost) everyone. Everybody wants to be better next year. Some people understand, in order to be better, challenging ourselves is an important key. Setting goals and resolutions are often challenging, aren’t it? The question is, what kind of tools that is simple and objective, yet powerful enough to set these goals in a structured way?

What is SMART(ER) Goal Setting?

SMART is a powerful framework to have goal setting in a structured way. SMART stands for Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Relevant-Timely. These five powerful criteria drive a unique way in goal setting process, so that we can focus and manage these goals on track, right way. The authentic SMART concept started to be known in November 1981 and there are many authors develop and expand the knowledge. The SMART concept is enriched with additional ER (Evaluated-Reviewed) criteria today, to make it even clearer to be tracked.

Powerful SMART Criteria

  • Specific: What is it about? The goal must be simple, clear, focused, detailed, meaningful.
  • Measurable: List down your criteria to quantify. What you can measure you can manage.
  • Achievable: Dream big at the end. Start small enough. Execute now. Challenge yourself!
  • Relevant: Is it the right time? Is it realistic and applicable? Think about your environment.
  • Timely: Mention the time horizon to finish the goal: 1st/2nd half; Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4; which month?

SMART with Additional ER Criteria

  • Evaluated: Simply evaluate the progress regularly. Track and adjust. Not too often, not too late!
  • Reviewed: Be brave to conclude and keep giving yourself some room for improvement.

Download a sample of SMART(ER) Goal Setting Form

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