Smart Home and Secure Home (Telegram Integration)


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Security is one of the most important aspect when we are talking about any #SmartBuilding, including our #SmartHome. It has to be secure, but simple enough to be operated. In this video, This is a video about integration concept between CCTV and Personalized Alarm using Telegram Messenger. Next, we can connect it to a #SoundSystems if required when a motion detected. Let’s design beyond imagination!


  1. CCTV installed to share a live video #OnDemand.
  2. But, we do not have to check the live video too frequently. We can let CCTV #EdgeComputing do the job. As an example, it will detect any motion and report this alarm via #TelegramMessenger using a personalized #ChatBOT.
  3. That’s all for the basics! This scenario is not only #Safer, but also #Simpler and #Easier.

Enjoy the Video! Feel free to contact me if you have questions about #IoT, #Technology, and #Automation. I am also open for a new role and would appreciate your support.

Freddy Sutanto

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